Erin Suess

Well crafted art and design.

logo Life is in the details and the journey isn't complete without them.


Marathon Downriver Council for the Arts Freelance 1 Freelance 2 Non-Profits Art, Photo, Illustrations Client Work 1 Client Work 2 Client Spec Work


high energy and motivation

Believing in a healthy, active lifestyle, designing for Detroit Fee Press Marathon has been exciting and rewarding. I would recommend everyone participate in some way - volunteer, run, spectate - the energy of the city is truly amazing during this event! I've designed for all aspects of the annual event, working with event directors and sponsors to provide them with great brand exposure - signage, promotional, web, digital, billboards, informational, shirts, bibs, credentials, magazines, social media and communications graphics, sponsor promotions including in store signage, packaging and promotional materials.